The birthing of ‘Naked Banana?’

2 min readJan 14, 2024

This was my second book, released in 2012.

The maiden one, 10,000KM on Indian Highways, published in 2011, created a ripple among the logistics and supply chain fraternity. Not only in India but globally. The full credit for the global access goes to my association with the London-based Automotive Logistics magazine and Finished Vehicle Magazine, for which I captured the Indian automotive logistics segment (2010–17).

Steve of Vehnet from Scotland bankrolled this second baby with his business, which was focused on yard management software. Various titles for this collection of real-life (non-fiction) logistics and supply chain-related pieces I wrote were considered.

Steve picked this title: Naked Banana! “Very catchy! I love it,” he cooed over the phone from his vast Scottish farm.

The simple visual of a peeled banana designed by my daughter was received well.

My production coordinator, however, had a heart attack. The book was printed, and we only noticed that the chapter “Naked Banana” was missing!

I was traveling somewhere in Arunachal Pradesh on an assignment from the National Centre for Cold Chain Development (NCCD), Ministry of Agriculture, Government of India, and was fretting and fuming!

The book was already bound and ready for dispatch to Dublin.

We had to print the missing chapter, unbind the book to and insert the chapter towards the end of the book.

Few would have noticed that this chapter went without folio numbers.

It was a nightmare. But Steve was generous and large-hearted enough not to kick me in the butt for this faux pas and delay in releasing the book.

Did I not tell you that birthing a book is no different from the birth of a child?

The asli author of the name was my late maternal grandpa (Ramamrutham Annaswamy), to whom this book was dedicated.




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